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Winter Nature

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the cold showers are actually beneficial for both your mind and your body. For the best benefits, incorporate cold showers into your daily routine.

But what if cold will no longer be found on planet Earth, what will happen to the soul of the man? The awful consequences of pollution and of the resulting global warming, are not just going to affect next generations, they already affect us, our souls, right now. And in order to really understand this, contemplating the way factory chimneys everywhere destroy the landscape won’t be enough; we need to look up to the sky and take in the mountains, the glaciers. Right up there, however far and out of our view, is a reservoir of vital energy, nectar for the land, held as sacred: ice. The below-zero lifeblood is melting down bit by bit with every passing day, by human hand and its greed. Up to the mother of all mountains, and the holiest: the wondrous Himalaya; a mountain range spanning more than 3,500 km and eight different Asian countries, feeding major rivers like the Ganges and Mekong.

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