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Song for Yaoundé

Hydroconseil / ERA-Cameroon implement the first campaign Information Education Communication for Sanitation Project Yaoundé (PADY 2) on funding from the African Development Bank, AFD and GEF with the collaboration of Yaounde Urban Authorities. I am the head of mission of this assignment. The general objective of this service is to encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors by the inhabitants of Yaounde: • Design of an IEC campaign between June and September (communication and awareness plan) multi-level (population, lobbying, training and education of proximity) for the sanitation sector in general and solid waste in particular (see panel photos; • Implementation of the first IEC campaign now (Sept to November) with the official launch by the launch of spot: (5 other campaigns will take place in the next 2 years). and the song of the countryside with its clip: For more information on the progress of the campaign follow on FACEBOOK. : et twitter ici : • Design and implementation (supervision of work) infrastructure needed for the connection between the pre-collection and collection of waste (transfer platform and sorting). • Support SMEs responsible for carrying out vector control activities in collaboration with the services of CAY, the CUY and decentralized services of the Ministry Of Health.

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