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Ice Bucket Challenge

Aware of growing concerns regarding Global Warming, Climate Change issue and water scarcity, I here present my #ALSicebucketchallenge following Johnnie Pirkis's excellent challenge ( Therefore, Hando Youssouf, Jérome Herrerias (Jé Rhum), Ignacio Packer, Guillaume Deflaux consider yourselves challenged to support the #ALSicebucketchalenge whilst conserving our precious water !!! Don't forget that Water is human right ( Don't forget also to donate to You have 24 hours to accept the challenge! Set design: Antoine Delepiere thanks to Tao garden house / Mahna-Mahna Muppet Show / Mahna-Mahna song / Elio bath sound and Tao participation DP/Director: Antoine Delepière, Et-l-aimant-terre productions

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