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Documentary : Sud Eau Nord Déplacer

A documentary by Antoine Boutet on China of great destruction. Progressive discovery, in the field, a gigantic typical construction site extremely with simple pipe engineering that ignores ecology and the complexity of the world and devastates everything in its path. This is simply to move huge water quantity

from the south, including the Tibetan Himalayas, to the north of the country, without any consideration for ecosystems and populations. The bright idea is, of course, attributed to Mao, who had tortured the country with his Great Leap into the horror of an unprecedented famine as the repression that accompanied it, not to mention the war in dust, bees, birds, etc. who began the ecological ruin of China (or sparrows or bees today!). We discover, alas unsurprisingly, water, people, life sacrificed in a totalitarian China still owned by the natural anti-fanaticism. It starts slowly, like a walk in a strange world, and we gradually discovered the extent of the dreaded nightmare. Corruption and hierarchical degradations, fidelity, structural injustice, Dante looting, plundering, mass deportations ... and desperate powerlessness forever scorned and humiliated people. Suddenly a kind of clownish official visit to a new set of claims hutches planted in the middle of nowhere shows buffoonery of party members and simultaneously reveals more bluntly abject abuse populations. The emotion still climbing when, gathered to testify, poor people uprooted from their homes, their villages and their land fertilized for centuries and thrown into barracks, burst into tears accusing the rotten party cadres. In another scene worthy of a film about the Mafia, one of these "frames" arrived with a bang to shout about those who have the audacity to show the sterility of the soil that has been allocated by the generous Communist Party ( a thin, sandy soil torn forest instead of humus after they worked their ancestors and the ancestors of their ancestors). A visit to Tibet already trashed us that crazy water engineers are now preparing to divert the water! Even knowing the Chinese nightmare since the invasion of Tibet fifties, then the slaughter of birds and insects in the early sixties, before learning more and more, one is struck by the documentary Antoine Boutet. And horrified by this endless rampage.

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